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Ask About Performing Arts Shows for your Child's Party or School!

The Once Upon A Time, Inc actors often perform "Children's Classics" among other shows for live audiences. It's a great time of music, dancing, and acting for both Adults and Children! All proceeds go to the Once Upon A Time, Inc 501c3 Non-Profit Organization for their performances and directly back to the children who attend Once Upon A Time, Inc. and The Theatre Street School! It's always a great cause that really helps the children of Richmond Hill. Please come book your show today for some good, clean fun and support the children and their programs all at the same time!

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The primary function of The Theatre Street School is to educate our scholars with a first-rate curriculum that prepares them for High School and the real world. We are a quality private elementary school in Richmond Hill serving K-8th grades. We cover all the New York City and State requirements, your son or daughter will receive an education that will prepare them for even the most demanding High School experiences. A distinct advantage for our students is that they can be groomed for specialized Arts programs throughout New York City (and other programs outside the city as well). We also provide after-school childcare and daycare in Richmond Hill.    



Mrs. Theresa Cassese Aubel has over 30 years Ballet experience in teaching the Balanchine technique. In her performance days, she was featured in the New York City Ballet. Her ties to the School of Ballet, LaGuardia High School, and various other prestigious resources throughout NY City make her education and influence second to none. She puts her teaching skills and influence to work for her ballet students.



With a repertoire of Cinderella, Peter Pan, and other Children's Classics, the students at The Theatre Street School can be afforded the opportunity to perform in front of real audiences. The Once Upon A Time, Inc. organization allows for real-world participation of our students as part of their extra-curricular activities. It is a character-building experience to stand in front of a crowd and perform for any age, but our students are well prepared and always rise to the occasion.



Our Code of Ethics is part of how we teach our students to respect and elevate one another. All students are accountable for their actions at The Theatre Street School. Our culture is about holding each other accountable and helping one another grow a little bit each and every day.

After School


Once Upon A Time, Inc. also offers an after school program for those students who need a safe place to stay and do homework. Buses and pick-up services are available for the after school program children (case-by-case).

A Short Video Documentary

Please take a minute to discover the passion behind The Theatre Street School / Once Upon A Time, Inc. with interviews with the founder and students. 

(The video is literally about a minute long.)

About Us

Dedicated Educators

The Theatre Street School is a non-profit 501c3 orgainzation dedicated to teaching students from grades K-8 to offer opportunities to enhance their education in a well rounded environment. We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher dedicated to you. That's why our school is founded on individualized attention and first rate curriculum. Our faculty members are passionate about teaching their students and bring this enthusiasm into all their lessons.

First-Rate Curriculum

From Pre-K through 8th Grade, our curriculum offers a first-rate challenging education for each student catering to their individual needs. All students are expected to keep high standards for themselves, and they will graduate well prepared for High School.

Exciting Arts Program

Our Co-Ed students are able to take Ballet or Performance Art as extracurricular activities. If your son or daughter is interested in exploring The Arts, this is a place to teach discipline and hard work in an environment dedicated to and suited for individual and group dance and performances the likes of which no other elementary school in New York City offers to their students.


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Great Opportunities at The Theatre Street School!


As a homeschooling activity or after school experience, your child could take acting or dance classes once a week (or up to three times a week)! Our staff provides a solid environment to participate in Acting (by performances we already have outlined) and Dance (Ballet or Tap) at the rate(s) of $10-25 per class (depending on duration and skill level). Children and adult classes are possible. Private lessons can also be arranged (at higher pricing). 


When school is closed, many parents find it hard to find a suitable place to send their children for a day or week. Please keep The Theatre Street School in mind!  We are open every school day from 8:00am to 6:45pm even when most schools are closed and on Saturday from 8:00am to 12:45pm. Please send your child to us for the day or the week. To sign up, we ask that you simply come in and fill out a registration form. The registration costs $25, and the weekly payment for your child is $150 (the daily cost is $30). We ask that you please bring your child's lunch with them when you drop them off each day. You can rest assured that your child will be well cared for by our staff. We are fully certified and licensed by the Board of Education. 


The summer can also be a challenging time for parents who work. We offer programs that will offer a safe environment all day, and will allow children to take part in Arts Programs to help enrich their summer experience. They will make good friends and have the option(s) to take Ballet, Tap Dance, Acting (a different performance each summer), English as a Second Language or Japanese Classes, and Piano Classes! Of course, you can have a simple daycare option alone which is at the weekly rate of $150. (All classes extra, but inquire within for bundles.)  


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