Once Upon A Time, Inc

Once Upon A Time, Inc is a non-profit Performing Arts Center & Theatre in Richmond Hill, Queens. Consider sending your Talented Child to participate in the After School Programs and/or Weekend Dance Classes, Productions and Concerts on Premises. All are welcome! 

This amazing organization also provides Day Care, After School Care, Homeschooling Socialization, and Professional Performances. Children can learn discipline, hard work, physical strength, mental stamina, and a real sense of community as they learn ballet and the performance arts.

Day Care, Socialization, and Professional Performaces

NYC Certified Daycare and After School Programs

Everyday (except Sunday) starting at 8am NYC Certified Day Care is provided for Children from K through 8th Grades. With professionals on staff throughout the day, children are able to do their homework, then wait for their guardians to pick them up while they socialize. After school programs are also available. The staff fosters a community environment where all students and faculty operate with mutual respect. Children are encouraged to participate in ballet and/or the performance arts (as an additional paid service). This is a great way to encourage ballet in Richmond Hill for all ages. We also have school performances available with a large selection of children's classics.

Homeschooling Socialization

Are you homeschooling your children? Socialization for homeschooled children can be achieved through bringing them one to several days a week to interact with the other children on site. Additionally, we offer monthly shows in our own auditorium in which children can come to participate and/or watch classic children's stories like Peter Pan, Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland, or A Christmas Story. Our community fosters a sense of respect and fun for all!

NYC Certified Performances

At your request, Children's Classic Stories like Peter Pan, Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, A Christmas Carol, and other performances can be scheduled for your school or private event. All performances can be done with or without a stage (dimensions and requirements for the presentations can be sent upon request).  Sing-Alongs, Veterans Day, Senior Living Performances, and other special events can easily become extra special by coordinating a performance that will make the crowd laugh and have a great time!